CDR. Peter J Watson
USS Perry DD844
Virginia Beach, VA

I wanted a model of the PERRY soon after leaving the ship. At that time I figured that that was the best tour of duty I would ever have and after 30 years of Naval duty that proved to be true. When I was in Washington I got a copy of the Booklet of General Plans of the ship as she was in 1969. I found a model kit of the GEARING and used what I could from that. Unfortunately, other than the hull not much could be used. I had to FRAM the model. Everything would have to be bought or made separately. I didn’t start working on the ship until in the 1990’s and then it was an off again on again project. I am a docent at the Hampton Roads Naval Museum and they were looking for someone to build models at the museum for the visitors going through. Progress is slow as you are always talking to people coming through while trying to make progress on the model. After I built a model of the GAMBIA BAY for the Museum I brought my PERRY model in and worked on it there and got it 90 percent complete. Then there was a hobby exhibit at our church and I got fired up to finally complete the model. It is 1/8” - 1’ scale.

I have no idea how many hours I put in. Using the Booklet of General Plans the model is as close as possible to what the ship was like in 1968/9. The only major error is I had to use 3 bladed props vice 4 since I haven’t been able to find what I want. Some day I’ll find a set of 4 bladed props that are the right size or maybe I’ll make them.

Regarding other models, I have a large model of the CHARLES W. MORGAN and am working on a model of DILLIGENCE.

When I get that done I want to build a very detailed model of a whale boat. The kind they uses in actually hunting the whales. (I’m originally from New Bedford – old whaling port.)