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USS Perry Wall Plaque Supporters

Rick Flanagan, Chairman

Tom Moritz
Will Pruett
Roger Rae
Bill Meyer
Chuck Metcalfe
Dick Linden
James Ford
Leland Phillips
Jim DeDobbeleer
Curtis Sorenson
Robert Hales
Leslie Kavanaugh
Dick Pittenger
Sid Brown

Bob Rau
Ted Curtis
Jim Archer
Francis Pogue
Bill Beyhl
Charlie Jenkins
Jack Hurst
Tracy Johnston
Dave James
Gene Koonlock
Joe Jurewicz
John Carty
Lou Guariniello
Steve Silk


Memorial Plaque Commemoration

The USS Perry Memorial Plaque Committee
warmly welcomes all Perry shipmates, family, and friends to attend the Plaque dedication ceremony on:

Friday, November 3rd, at 3:00 P.M.

U.S. Navy Memorial Center
701 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Suite123
Washington, D.C.
202-737-2300 ext. 768

Capt Ted Curtis, Event Coordinator

 USS Perry DD-844 Memorial Plaque Dedication

RADM Rick Buchanan, US Navy (Ret) kicked off our Plaque Commemoration program with an exciting and wonderful talk about the USS Perry DD-844 and the dedication of its shipmates. He also spoke about the history of Perry warships and the commitment of the Navy Memorial Foundation to preserve the memories of all the seamen that served aboard these wonderful ships that secured the freedom we all enjoy today.

The Admirals talk was followed by Rick Flanagan doing a most heart warming invocation that touched everyone present. Steve Silk then welcomed and thanked everyone for attending the ceremony and particularly thanked Joy Flanagan for her initiative to get the Perry Plaque Campaign off to a good start. Steve also spoke about the slogan we adopted at the inception of our Perry Association, "Long after they are gone their crews remember". He said the slogan gave testimony to the feelings expressed by all Perry shipmates who after so many years continue to take that cruise down memory lane through our Perry Reunion Association.

In closing the ceremony, Captain Ted Curtis read the names of our shipmates that have taken their final voyage since our last reunion and also noted all the Perry Skippers that are now gone but not forgotten. Special tribute was paid to these shipmates with Bob Hales ringing the ship's bell with the reading of each name.

In memory of our shipmate Joe Burrows who just recently sailed on, his son Joe and two grandchildren attended the ceremony in his honor. You just know this event was especially meaningful to them because they wanted to share the fond memories of shipmate Burrows with their caring and understanding extended Perry family.




Plaque Campaign Letter 

USNM Foundation
Letter to Rick Flanagan

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